Hilary for President (Not)

I’ve always thought that Hilary Clinton might be our first female presidential candidate. I supported this idea as long as it truly looked like she could have a chance to win the electorate.

But I’m rethinking that position after reading Joshua Micah Marshall’s post.

…I don’t like the idea of the presidency becoming the private preserve of a few chosen families. It’s bad for democracy, even if a given individual might have much to recommend him or her as a candidate.

Read the rest at Talking Points Memo


(Here’s one more teaser:

Since many are now talking up the possibility of Jeb Bush running for president in 2008, that opens up at least the theoretical possibility that one family could hold the White House for most of a 28 year period (1989-2017). Whether you’re a Republican or Democrat, Bush-lover or Bush-hater, that can’t be good for republican government in the United States.



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