Tonight we went and watched the Zenon Dance Company at the Southern Theater in our city, Minneapolis, MN, US, where it has rained all day and the temperature has remained in the 40’s (F). (For our foreign friends, 40 degrees F is 4 Celsius.)

I have a paper due (instructional design class) next Tuesday so I wanted to stay home and write. I offered my ticket to Hallie, my favorite daughter, but she was too tired to go. So I went.

Zenon put on a great show with five pieces of modern dance. I don’t have a depth of knowledge about the art of dance but these pieces sizzled. The dancers are highly skilled. There was a sensuality in several of the pieces that was very nice and very playful. The last piece was like a cracked broadway dance line incorporating pop songs with a European folkiness and costumes (every one different) that bordered on absurdity. The energy level was incredible.

If you live in Minneapolis, go to this show or go to their next show.


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