Hi my name is Peter.

I’m a blogger.

It’s Saturday and I should be writing my blog/LMS/CMS issue paper for CI5331, Introduction to Instructional Systems & Technology.

Instead, I’ve been taking ownership of my blog. I’ve added some new things like a “Link” (below) to an article I’m discussing, a link on the right to my collaborative class blog (Kablogerate), and a title field. Of course, after adding, I must test and tweak to get the look I want. (On this post, I have not used the “Link” field so I want to find out if the unlinked word appears below.)

My paper, due Tuesday, is not really on the back burner or let’s say the class isn’t. I am finding various items to post to our WebCT class group that should be of interest and relate to what we are learning. I am also discovering research articles on blogging. Many relate to what I am writing about but there seems an eternal number. I find one and it links to several more.

I may have to ask my instructor to have mercy and allow an extension.


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