Blogging Pepys

I am still writing the damn paper on blogging. It’s an issue paper not a research paper but I am finding so much to read about blogging and so many blogs to read that I’m losing ground and may have to quit my job to finish.

I am viewing Susan Herring’s The Past, Present and Future of Weblogs PPT file which considers that most of the blogging is personal and female but the media likes to represent it as public discourse and male. She’s done the research for her claims.

In the course of watching this, she mentions Samuel Pepys diaries. I saw the film Stage Beauty recently which has Pepys as a character (played by Hugh Bonneville). Critics have not been kind but I liked the film especially as it dealt with identity and how we get it and how we change it.

I liked the characterization of Pepys and I was interested in eventually reading his diaries or at least some of them. Herring provides a link to a site on Pepys where the site author (Phil Gyford) is publishing one entry a day. He started Jan 1, 2003. It’s annotated with hyperlinks. He has an RSS feed. (I subscribed.)

I just had to tell you all, dear readers, about this. Let us all now go on about our important business.


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