Trying to focus

I am trying to disgorge a first complete draft for the paper on blogging. Of course, there is research material to look over and I get lost in it and stray from the topic.

Today I found A City is Not a Tree by Christopher Alexander referenced by James Farmer in his excellent article Communication dynamics: Discussion boards, weblogs and the development of communities of inquiry in online learning environments.

I don’t really need the Farmer piece (or any other pieces, for that matter) to complete the paper (which is only 7 pages at most, double-spaced). But I’m finding some great material comparing course managment systems to weblogs, as far as discussion areas go.

I want to read and research and don’t want so much to write. The writing is an assignment, homework, an onerous task required by a teacher. But I also see that the task guides my research and provides a way of reflecting on the research.

Favorite Wife Mary should also be studying as she has an ASL-related written test to prepare for (and pass) in preparing for her protoge/apprenticeship in January. She just called to tell me that she is taking grandson 1 to a Lego demo put on by some grade schoolers. She will learn at this event as will my grandson.

Life really should be about learning and educating and not about earning and consuming.


2 thoughts on “Trying to focus

  1. Anonymous

    This entry tickled my mind! The Alexander piece was facinating, and I enjoyed your philosophical musings, especially your concluding line. But doesn’t the act of writing have an important role in shaping your thoughts? A historian (I think, maybe a journalist) said that he didn’t know what he thougth about something until he’d had a chance to write about it.Question: what did Favorite Wife Mary learn at the LEGO demo?Roy

  2. Peter Fleck

    Roy – yes writing helps with shaping thoughts and with reflecting on what I’m learning. I was referring to assigned writing — homework — that I have to slog through on some kind of path so it makes sense. Now blogging, that’s the kind of writing that I wish I had more time for. With the blog, I write for myself but I am also conscious of you, Roy, my audience.Having said that, I know I need the discipline of assigned writing especially if I’m pursuing a Masters.Switching topics… Mary learned the Lego robotic system process, program via computer, dowload to the brick, plug and the robot follows the programming instructions. Lego recently released Mac OS X compatible stuff. We are thinking about getting it for Robbie when he is a little older and if the expense is not too great.


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