Justin Pfister & His Web Site

I discovered Justin’s site by stumbling upon his Google News RSS Feed Generator, where he states: “I welcome anyone in the world to use it in an effort to become a more informed public.” Definitely worth checking out if you frequent Google news and also are becoming an RSS addict.

Today I wondered over to his home page (very nice design) where I discovered a fictional creation of his, Googleonia.

Justin has an interesting blog described as “The inner reaches of my outer space.” It’s hard to categorize but if you’re looking for things of an educational variety, you’ll find some here (like the Degree Confluence Project).

Also found at Justin’s site in his blogroll: Google Blogoscoped, a weblog about things googley, and the text and a link to the article The Internet is Shit, a reactionary piece about the Internet that’s actually is thought provoking.


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