iTunes This Week: Discovery Download Returns

The Discovery Download is back!

Genre: Inspirational (Christian?)

Song: Disappear by Denison Marrs

Blurb from itunes:

Denison Marrs draws comparisons to Jimmy Eat World, Sanctus Real, The Cure, and Switchfoot…. inspirational blast of alt-rock angst.

I have never heard of any of the comparison groups except The Cure and then only the name.

Plus, another free download from the iTunes Home page…

Street Official Mixtape, Vol. 3

A hip hop mix with all the songs used in the mix available for download. We are talking serious Hip Hop and Rap here. Runs 22:24. I don’t know the genre so I can’t really judge but I like it. Take heed, you may not consider this appropriate for all ears. (Actually, they do clean it by distorting the bad words but you still get ’em.)

I’d love to hear from someone if this is a good mix of hip hop. I like it enough to consider shelling out the $16.83 for the 18 tracks.

A little investigating and I found that there had been a Vol. 1 & 2 along with free mixtapes but they no longer seem to be available at iTunes.

And, of course, the Single of the Week, Every Ship Must Sail Away by Blue Merle.


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