Mississippi River

I took pictures of the Mississippi River on Saturday, Jan. 16. It was very cold out: -17F. This image is from the east bank and shows the Franklin Ave. Bridge, in my neighborhood.

You can see more Mississippi River images in the tagged Flickr photostream. This will conceivably include photos by others beside myself but today there are only my photos.

I plan to initiate a project (with blog) that’s currently named the Mississippi River Documentation Project. I have discussed it with the boy (six-year-old grandson, Robbie) and he is interested. He said that if everyone is photographing the river, someone may get a photo of the Merwyn which is our local river monster.

My basic plan is to share photos (maybe a Flickr group) of the Mississippi River by using the keyword ‘MissRiver’. If I can find folks to participate, we can document the entire length of the Mississippi. I would like to also add the approximate latitude and longitude where the photo was taken. This would lead to learning how to get that information or how to find yourself on the Earth. This will intersect with the Degree Confluence Project.

This is the first call for photos and ideas. If you are interested, post photos to Flickr and tag them with MissRiver. Comment to this post to start the conversation. Comment on the photos in the Flickr stream.


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