New Snow

New Snow

Originally uploaded by pfhyper.

The first real snow storm finally reached us Friday. I grabbed this photo from the back porch which really shows the snow falling.

With New York City getting 18+ inches of snow Saturday, the maybe 12 inches in Minneapolis is not big news. Consider that according to the NY Times, New York City has 6,300 miles of streets. I don’t know exactly what we have here but it’s likely less than 3,000.

Plowing is always an issue. Someone left their car parked in front of our house, illegally parked under snow emergency rules. It was ticketed but not towed until after the plow came by. So our portion of the street can’t be decently plowed. I led our family crew out to shovel our portion and bury the cause. Then the tow truck shows up and tows it. We still shovelled. The plow came again after we finished.

Without snow my seasonal rhythms are off. I’m not a big winter sports fan but I have lived in Minnesota most of my life and for most of it, winter means lots of snow. I like it. Snow is clean and snow is quiet.

More PF snow pictures at flickr.


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