Current Movies

Coffee and Cigarettes
Jim Jarmusch’s short segments of two musicians or actors or comedians drinking coffee or tea and smoking cigarettes. Very strange. Very entertaining. Very Jarmusch.

Vera Drake
Excellent film. Vera induces miscarriages to help women who do not want to carry a baby to term. She takes no money. It’s fifties England and it’s illegal to do this. She gets arrested. Mike Leigh does a beautiful job of portraying facets of the sexual geography of England in the fifties and the hypocrisy surrounding the abortion issue.

The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou
This isn’t a great film but it has some very funny moments. The New Yorker’s short review says “Hardly anybody here looks young, and we can only guess at the experiences that have aged them, tested them, and cloaked them in Anderson’s brand of sadness.” Much of the music is David Bowie covers on acoustic guitar and translated to Portuguese and sung by Seu Jorge.


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