Music Saturday Night

Today, on being asked what I am doing Saturday night, I answer “I’m going to see a Japanese heavy metal band.” Not my usual Saturday behaviour. We usually have the grandson over for the night. But he’s here now (playing pickup sticks with the favorite wife, Mary).

We know Tana, the bass player in the band, Eternal Elysium. She used to live here (Minneapolis, MN). Tana played music with local bands (most recently, Pollen). One day, she visited Japan, liked the music scene, and moved there. Eventually, she landed the gig with Eternal Elysium.

Now she is bringing the band to Minneapolis. They’ll be at the Uptown Bar tomorrow night (March 5).

I’m not a metal fan (not since Black Sabbath’s first album which kind of dates me) but we will go and listen.

EE is considered to be in both the stoner and doom metal camps. For the scholarly, Wikipedia* has articles on both doom and stoner metal.

I’ve found a few mp3’s of their work on the Web. You might check out Splendidly Selfish Woman. Eight minutes long with a nice variation of sounds from deep, thrashing metal to a much funkier style.

They seem a well-known band and garner a fair amount of hits from Google. There is a frequently listed incorrect URI to their Web site and I finally found the real site.

* Concerning controversy over Wikipedia’s authority, I don’t think I would have found out much about doom and stoner metal bands at Britannica.

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