Google at the Movies

The blog world (and now you dear readers) have heard about the new google keyword search of “movie:”. Type “movie: your_zipcode” in a Google search box and get back all the listings in your area.

Type “movie: name_of_move” and get times or reviews or both.

Type “movie: name_of_actor_or_actress” and get all the movies they were in.

Thank you, Google.

Hey Google! Give me a link to, ok?

(On Friday, I was searching for movie times and realized that Google was missing the Landmark listings in our area. Landmark operates at least three theaters locally and is the major art house purveyor so it’s a serious omission. I emailed Landmark and Google and today Landmark is in the listings. No one has acknowledged my emails so I don’t know if I was the cause of getting Landmark to Google or not. I like to think I was.)


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