More Movies

Beyond Silence (1996, German). Directed by Caroline Link. It’s a tear-jerker story that gives a good portrayal of deaf culture (according to the spouse who is an ASL interpreter). Nice love story too.

The Incredibles (2004). Directed by Brad Bird. My second viewing (this one with Mary). What a fun movie. A very intelligent treatment of what it might really be like to be a super hero with one of the best non-super villains around.

Not really a kids movie like Nemo, Monsters, and the Toy Stories. This one is aimed more for adults in it’s treatment of the heroes and in its action which includes killing people (no blood and gore but folks obviously don’t survive some of the crashes). For violence, I’d rate it at the level of the the third Star Wars film (Episode VI).

The Reckoning (2003). Directed by Paul McGuigan. A murder mystery set in 1380 during the Black Plague. Main character is a priest (Paul Bettany) on the run (he fooled around with a married woman and got caught by the husband). Priest joins a theater troupe traveling through the countryside. They visit a town where a young boy has been murdered, supposedly by a deaf woman who has been tried and will now hang. Troupe decides to write a play about the murder and and in the process of the telling the story of the murder begins to unravel as the townspeople comment on the action. Something rotten here and the priest wants to save the condemned woman.

It’s entertaining with great cinematography and some excellent acting. Worth watching.


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