Intelligent Media

From the ChangeThis manifesto:

We’re betting that a significant portion of the population wants to hear thoughtful, rational, constructive arguments about important issues. We’re certain that the best of these manifestos will spread, hand to hand, person to person, until these manifestos have reached a critical mass and actually changed the tone and substance of our debate.

ChangeThis is a site for publishing manifestos including (maybe) yours. They have some well-known manifesto writers — like Malcolm Gladwell, author of Blink and a regular New Yorker contributor. (Chris Anderson’s Wired article, The Long Tail, about marketing in the new Internet age, is there too.)

You submit a 300-word proposal and if they like it, you write the manifesto (in Word) and if they like that, they publish it as a beautiful (really) PDF. (I question PDF as the sole format – give me web too – but they likely have a good reason. I just like to avoid proprietary if at all possible.)

If they don’t like it or don’t deem it worthy of publishing, they still toss it in the slush pile where visitors to the site are welcome to read it. If it gets read a lot, they might reconsider publishing.

(At this writing at least, I can’t find the slush pile and the proposals area is empty. Is no one proposing?)

You can subscribe and get notified when new manifestos are posted and you can host a manifesto and they will publicize your blog. Manifestos also have trackback urls.


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