My Movie Life

Three films in the queue: Hotel Rwanda, Crash, and In Good Company.

First, I’ll get In Good Company out of the way. It had a wonderful beginning looking at modern business and the nature of acquisition. The main business in question is a sports magazine so using a bastion of the print world was interesting. Internet is mentioned as where the ad money is going instead of to the magazine. There’s an old ad manager who is demoted and a new hotshot ad manager (Topher Grace) who is going to increase the sales percentage by an impossible amount.

Middle of the movie, hotshot Carter (Topher’s role) falls in love with old manager’s daughter and then she seduces him (doesn’t compute given her background). I lost faith at this point. I despaired.

The ending pulled me back, just barely.

It’s OK. A throw-away comedy, if you have the time.

It could have been much, much better.

Movie 2: Hotel Rwanda

Don Cheadle is wonderful, astounding, and amazing playing the part of the hotel manager, Paul Rusesabagina.

One million Hutu died in Rwanda and the world (including the US) didn’t do much to stop it. This movie gives us an aspect to consider and is based on a true story – the Rusesabagina character saved a thousand Hutu. It is very intense even though there is not a lot of outright violence.

It’s happening again today in Darfur in Sudan. And we are not doing very little again.

Movie 3: Crash

Another intense movie about a day in the life of Los Angeles. Starts with a car accident and seemingly unconnected characters are connected as the film proceeds. There is happiness, hope, and despair. It really makes you think about the nature of racism. The interaction between Thandie Newman’s character Christine and Officer Ryan (Matt Dillon) was the most moving for me from a cold revulsion to an understanding of what kind of man Ryan was.

See this one with friends and plan to discuss it afterwards.

Oh. Don Cheadle has a major part and he’s as good as he was in Rwanda.

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