Technical Difficulties on the Blog

If you happened to drop by over the weekend, you saw the slight mess my blog was in. The first post’s title was at the top of the window but the body of the post was pushed way down the screen, past the right navigation area. Bummer (and a waste of my time on Sunday attempting to fix it).

Blogger finally got back to my help request to say “sorry,” had some problems, fixed soon. I had emailed the exact source of the problem. It was a clear: both CSS directive that somehow appeared within one of their template variables and that could not be deleted by mere mortals. Bummer again.

Today I found the Blogger Forum and a search pulled up a discussion of the clear: both glitch and a fix. Just add .Post div { clear: none !important; } to your template CSS. I added it right below the ‘.Post’ listing. The ‘!important’ lets this one override the glitch. Cool.

All is well on the PF Hyper blog.

Why didn’t Blogger Tech Support tell me this? I pointed out exactly where the problem was so they would know I have an understanding of CSS.

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