A Great Unknown Guitarist

The Web is always ready to provide strange paths to great content. Doc Searl published his first podcast on July 18. In it, he broadcast out some Danny Gatton music that he hopes to use as his theme song. Searls really likes Gatton.

Now you can add me to the list of Gatton fans. This guy is a guitarist that resided in the realm of Hendrix (sadly he passed away via suicide in 1994). There are great rock and blues guitarists (B.B. King, Clapton, Johnny Winter) and then there are some like Hendrix and Gatton who might start with rock or country and then produce a sound that’s totally unique and spellbinding.

Listen to this guy. This site has some streams of a few tunes in the discography area. iTunes has several albums too.

(This is another in my series of email posts. This one coming from Apple Mail app.)

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