Google Home Page

Google now has personalized home pages. I suppose you need a gmail
account to get this to work (but those are pretty easy to come by
these days).

The home page is FREE of ads and has an excellent interface. You can
rearrange as you like and the sections are drag-and-drop. Wow.

There is an RSS reader! Click ‘Add Content’ then ‘Create a Section.’
You can paste a feed URL in the box. It shows you a user-configurable
number of current posts (unlike a true reader which would make read
posts disappear).

Some of the choices: you’ve got your movie listings, you can add your
gmail in-box, weather, various news sites, bookmarks, on and on and
on. Of course the Google search box is right at the top. Don’t forget
the link to your personal search history too.

It’s your typical uncluttered Google look. I’ve set it up as my
browser home page.

Google’s also got a toolbar available for Firefox Mac. Haven’t checked
that out yet.

This is starting out as an email post. We will see how that works.
Will my signature appear? Probably. (Yes it did and I deleted it.)

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