OPML Editor

Dave Winer (Scripting News fame) has finally released the OPML Outlining editor that he has been talking about since like 2003. Windows only. Aw, come on, Dave. Presto. Mac version now available. Get it here at 1a. Read the docs but beware the WindowsSpeak (“My Documents”?). Mac People, you save to your home_directory/OPML/www.

OPML means Outline Processor Markup Language. I understand that you can use it to store a blogroll (a list of blogs). You can use it to organize information – it’s an outliner, for goodness sake.

This reminds me of when someone emailed me an HTML document before I knew what a browser was and I just had to ignore it because I couldn’t comprehend the relevance or nature of what it was. I’m a bit ahead of that curve now but still not sure what the buzz is about with this thing. Oh well, I’ll trust in the Dave.

I’m just starting to play. More later.

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