Call for Help with Powerbook

My Powerbook G3 (Pismo) suddenly stopped seeing wireless networks. One day the menubar indicator lit up; the next day it didn’t. The OS is latest Panther – 10.3.9. As far as I can tell, nothing odd or weird happened between the airport-on and airport-off-for-good.

I’ve posted on an Apple discussion board and at the MacFixit forums but it occurred to me that I should alert my faithful readers who may have some advice.

Details. My main wireless network is an Actiontec wireless router connected to the Internet via Qwest DSL (ISP is It is an open network and not secured. My other Powerbook — a G4 — can connect with no problem. There is also a second secured network in the area which my PB G4 sees but the PB G3 cannot.

I’ve ran utilities including Apple’s hardware checker. I’ve reseated the Airport card in the computer. I upgraded to the latest Airport software (I was one rev behind before the problem.) I restarted the router. I zapped pRAM and reset the PMU. I’ve crossed my fingers on each restart. All has failed.

Connecting directly to my LAN via ethernet works just fine.

At one point, after repairing permissions, the PB G3 got a signal. Then it disappeared again and hasn’t returned.

I will be bringing it out to the Apple Store at the Mall of America this weekend to see if they have any ideas. I may leave it there for a repair estimate if it can’t be fixed.

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