Movies: The Thin Blue Line

Erroll Morris… God, I love that guy as a documentary filmmaker. My favorite film is Fast, Cheap, and Out of Control but Fog of War is also excellent. (The whole body of his work is most definitely worth watching.) His first big one, The Thin Blue Line, just came out on DVD (July 26) and Mary and I watched it this week. It investigates the murder of a policeman in Dallas and the subsequent investigation. Morris makes a compelling case, via interviews and reenactments, that the Randall Adams, imprisoned for eleven years for the murder at the time of the filming, is innocent.

Here’s a review
which is a spoiler of sorts if you can spoil documentaries.

The DVD also contains an episode of Morris’s TV show First Person (2000), where he interviewed oddball types. This one was a forensic scientist with an obsessive knowledge of evil. Some of his descriptions of evil stuff were pretty sick.

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