Movies: The Aristocrats

OH! The Aristocrats. The dirtiest most disgusting (really) joke in the world told (seemingly) 500 times by some great comics (Paul Reiser, Robin Williams, Sarah Silverman, Tim Conway, Steven Wright, Harry Shearer, George Carlin, Phyllis Diller (she comments but doesn’t tell), Drew Carey, Eric Idle, Richard Lewis, and on and on and on.) Penn Jillette is one of the producers and Teller appears in it (with Jillette). They tell one of my favorite versions, complete with an exploding male body part.

The joke, called “The Aristocrats”, is rarely told to an audience. Comedians tell it to other comedians. (The movie, however, does document Gilbert Gottfried telling it at a Friars Roast of Hugh Hefner, in the wake of 9/11. It’s one of the better renditions.)

I wanted to walk half way through because I was just getting tired of hearing the variations of disgusting details about sexual and bathroom acts. But I stayed and must say, in the end, I found it oddly compelling.

More info here.

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