We are not prepared (Katrina Aftermath)

Over at Andrew Sullivan’s Daily Dish, there is an email from a Las Vegas police officer (and disaster specialist) that fits my own sentiments pretty well including proposing that we fire for incompetence the people at the top of the Federal pyramid. The guy is a “socially libertarian, fiscally conservative Republican” who felt the only good choice in 2004 was to support Kerry. Read it, everyone.

Elsewhere (Doc Searl’s blog?), I read about the difference between election politics and governance politics. I think we are failing at the second. And I don’t think it’s strictly a “Bush Regime” problem. (Actually, I think 9/11 really shifted things drastically but that’s for another discussion.)

I think this disaster is focusing us as to what we (the people) need in large-scale government. Simply put, we need people who can direct massive rescue operations, whether from a terrorist attack or from the forthcoming earthquakes that threaten California. We need competence in this area. It doesn’t matter if the president of the US is a political hack as long as he puts competent managers in place (NOT other political hacks) that can get the job done. I’ll debate with my president whether gay people can marry legally. I will not debate about how to handle a disaster — I will trust that there are people in place that can do this. It looks like we do not currently have those people in place.

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