Katrina: Laying Blame

An interesting post at Talking Points Memo, especially for us more liberal-left types. It’s an email from John in Canoga Park, CA and it lays blame on Democrats in LA, both for the failure to prepare and for the early confusion and chaos in Katrina’s aftermath. (It does recognize Michael Brown’s contribution: “It is apparent that Michael Brown shouldn’t be allowed within 100 miles of any FEMA authority.”)

This is food for thought. It mentions school buses, now underwater, that a mayor (a Dem) refused to give up for the evacuation, and the Governor’s refusal to allow the Red Cross in at one point (she is also a Dem). Of course this is an email published to a blog so it’s not REAL journalism but remember, the blog is very liberal to start with.

We do need to sort out what happened and how we can improve the system. The glaring vacancy in the Katrina scenario was the lack of anyone taking the lead to coordinate efforts and get help to the survivors immediately. (Heck, someone should have organized an evacuation via National Guard.) I lay the responsibility for that vacancy right on the steps of the White House. FEMA and/or Homeland Security should have taken the lead and made sure that the state was responding or respond at the Federal level.

Read it here.

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