New Yorker for 9/19/05

I’ve previously posted some of the New Orleans-Katrina links here and also a link to an older Mcphee piece about the Mississippi and New Orleans. This issue also has a great article about Amazon exploration called The Lost City of Z by David Grann. Erik Olsen at Gadling wrote some nice things about the Grann article along with expressing his frustration that it did not appear at  I share his frustration. I also wonder if it’s the author’s call or the New Yorker’s call. I’ve noticed that McPhee’s pieces don’t always go to the Web either.

Much of the article covers the disappearance of Colonel Percy Harrion Fawcett in 1925. Read the Wikipedia entry about Fawcett here.

It is an incredible story and although the lost city isn’t made of gold, Grann there does seem to be the remains of an ancient civilization. Pick up the magazine and read the story, if you can.


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