The Google Reader (RSS!)

I rush to weigh in on the Google RSS/Feed Reader… My faithful readers (Hi Doug) expect this.

Well it’s slooooow. At least compared to what I’m used to in Bloglines.

Labels (Tags in disguise)
But they got the label thing going like gmail. Very cool as labels (here at least) equal tags and I am a tag man. I can label the subscription itself or I can label individual posts. Bloglines lets me toss things in a clippings area or in a personal blog (which you can either make public or not). I like the label idea more because I think I will look at the labeled stuff more often. I don’t look at my Bloglines blog or the clippings very often.

Can items have multiple tags? I tried adding an extra tag, separated by a space (ala Google added a ‘-‘ (hyphen) between the words. Commas work! This is very nice. I can have multiple labels. This would be equivalent to storing something on Bloglines in two folders. (Maybe you can do that but gosh-darn-it, it ain’t intuitive. Multiple labels is intuitive.)

How private is my Google space? This is a definite worry and buzzed about by various bloggers (Dave Winer comes to mind). On another hand, your email, no matter where it is, can be accessed by the tech workers maintaining the servers. Think about that.

I don’t see any yet. Am I missing them?

Keyboard commands. Nice. I like it.

It’s sorting stuff according to ‘Relevance’. How do they assign relevance? I can also sort by date. Relevance-sorting could bring blogs up and to my attention more often than they get my attention now. This might be good.

I have to go watch Grandson#1 play flag football. I will try to post more impressions later.

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