More on the Google Reader

SearchEngineWatch has a post about the Google Reader.

There is a filter for the feed list when you’re at the ‘Your Subscriptions’ tab. It’s filtering on the name of the blog. Makes it very easy to call up the blog that you want to read.

Hmm. Since this morning, I think they added a ‘separate labels by commas’ blurb under the label text box. Good idea.

Subscribing. I wanted to subscribe to 43 Folders new Feedburner feed. I got the feed URL, plugged it in, and was offered the chance to ‘Preview’ or ‘Cancel’. I previewed but didn’t click the ‘Subscribe’ button (didn’t see it) and so I failed at subscribing to the new feed. I was depressed. Then I did it again and saw the damn ‘Subscribe’ button and succeeded. Joy. But hey, I was sure I wanted the subscription when I started the subscribe process so give me the ‘Subscribe’ button (along with the ‘Preview’) right at the start. OK? (Why exactly would I want to preview the subscription anyway? I would subscribe and the unsubscribe if I didn’t like it.)

Blog This. A post can be easily blogged to a blog. The text will open in a window and can be edited.

Grandson#1’s team won the (flag) football game today.

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