Google Reader Slower?

It seems slower today after some speed increases over the weekend. Are you working on it Google? It was also doing a lot of other weird things today. Sometimes it says there aren’t any items on a feed where I know there are items. Sometimes it gives you an error message – “Try again in a few seconds.”.

Lay of the Land When I open G. Reader, I don’t really know where I am. The ‘Home’ link is clickable so that says I’m not home but maybe I am and they haven’t had time to unlinkify (tech term) the text.

Oh! I found this today off SlashDotA tour of the G. Reader. They broadcast the link in relation to the Reader announcement at Web 2.0.

Labeling (Tagging) (So why labels instead of tags?) The problem with labels, tags, and other denizens of the land of folksonomy is that you end up with a long list of them unless you are somehow really organized and maybe keep a printed list of your tags around to refer to so you don’t say ‘blog’ one day and ‘blogs’ the next and then suddenly ‘blogging’. Delicious lets you bundle your tags. Until Google figures this out, I’m going to be very economical on tagging.

OPML Imports I had no real trouble importing an OPML export from Bloglines. It took a bit of time (enough that I wondered if it was really going to happen) but eventually they arrived and the folders in Bloglines became labels in Google.


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