Tagging, Categories, del.icio.us

FreshBlog is full of blogger(.com) hacks and one I’m particularly interested in is using the social bookmarking site, del.icio.us, as a kind of categorizer for a blog via tagging.

This post describes several methods and I chose #3, which uses Greasemonkey. Here’s an example of the concept, using Freshblog’s del.icio.us listing.

Within my Blogger editor, I now have a text box to add tags that will create del.icio.us tags in my pfhyperblog account.

The first post I tried to tag (my last post about the new Wallace and Grommit movie) didn’t quite work. I got the tags but no bookmarks. But the problem was that I hadn’t verified my brand new pfhyperblog del.icio.us account. So let’s see what happens now…



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