The Journalistic Oddity of the Day

First I read this story at the Guardian about an insurgency fighter in Iraq. An interesting piece that adds some needed depth to our comprehension of the state of Iraq. Gee, it’s not just foreign terrorists.

Then I read a blog piece about the story – some good commentary here at Rantingprofs. But note that he is talking about a story at the Washington Post, not at the Guardian. As my grandson would say, “What the…”. (And that is all he says, he does not finish that line.)

If you read the full post at Ranting, you’ll see he updates with a discussion of the Guardian story and even an interesting comparison of the text. He suggests that maybe there were several reporters. (Hmm. Maybe the insurgency is now allowing for embedded journalism.)

I’m glad for the corraboration of the Guardian story in a way because as I read it, I thought that it could be a piece of fiction or simply built around disconnected observations with the reporter filling in the blanks. I would really like to see some in-depth coverage of the Iraqui insurgency vs. the Al Quaeda insurgency.

The article also gave me a bit of hope that the Sunnis and Shias can maybe talk to each other.

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