San Diego Beckons

I’m going to San Diego on Sunday for ApacheCon. Work is picking up the tab for the flights and conference. M. is tagging along for some vacationing after the conference. The conference (for me) runs Monday thru Wednesday and we will stay on until Sunday.

The only tech conferences I’ve attended are a couple of Macworlds (one in San Francisco and one in Boston). This will be my first truly geeky conference. Keynotes are by Tim Bray, Cory Doctorow, Jaron Lanier, and Simon Phipps. There’s a whole track about open source. There’s an XSLT intro. I mean, what more could I want?

I’m subscribing to the San Diego Blog for some news about the city that’s not so mainstream. It looks like San Diego has a very vibrant blogging community, at least judging from this page which includes the San Diego Fire blog (latest entry 2004), kind of a precursor to some of the Katrina blogging.

I’m sure Minneapolis has a vibrant group of bloggers too. I need to pay more attention locally.

I’m looking for fun things to do in San Diego. I’d love to find a day trip to Mexico via public transportation that maybe avoids Tijuana and is relatively safe. Or some cool beaches to visit. Or some great coffee shops (strooong coffee and free wireless).


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