Performancing Firefox Extension for Blogging: Problems

Ouch. Tonight I got burned by Performancing. I was entering a post in the editing window. I wanted to change the URL for a link so I selected the same text and pasted a new URL. I clicked the ‘source editing’ button to make sure it worked and all my text disappeared. I clicked the ‘rich editing’ button but no text appeared. It was gone and so far it hasn’t come back.

Luckily it wasn’t much text but it could be next time.

I also experienced another bug of some kind. I saved a post-in-progress as a note. No problem. I saw it in the Note list and could access it. Later, when I went back to edit it, it was gone. This was a longer post and I was not very happy.

After clicking around a bit and accessing the other notes, my original note reappeared. Yay.

But I’m pretty nervous now about my new blogging toy. I copy the post text to the clipboard often. Tonight Performancing is having trouble connecting with my blog. I saved my post as a note but I also backed it up in MacJournal, just in case.

System Info. I’m on an Apple Powerbook, OS 10.4.3, Firefox 1.5.


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