Wanted: Easy del.icio.us posting with a specified date

I began using del.icio.us to track and categorize (tag) my blog posts in October. I want to add my earlier posts to my del.icio.us space in chronological order. The del.icio.us API allows for this but it’s a chore to program manually.

Here’s an example the basic programming, broken into three lines for easier reading:

tags="google rss aggregator g.reader tech"&dt=2005-10-09T08:15:31Z

I certainly don’t want to write a url like this for each and every post. I want it automated.

There are a bunch of tools available for easy del.icio.us posting but none that I’ve found allow you to manipulate the date of the post in del.icio.us, which defaults to the current date and time.

I want something that will pick up my blog post (from the permalink) and give me some dialog boxes for entering a date and tags, then construct that URL and post to del.icio.us. It would also be nice if it could grab the del.icio.us tags from the post itself, if they already exist. (I will have to tag all those posts too.)

Maybe someone can modify one of their posting tools to do this? Or maybe, when I find the time, I can try it with a current tool or try to whip something up in Greasemonkey.

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