Google Earth Released for OS X Tiger

This is quite an amazing tool. I’m sure it’s been blogged about ad nauseum in the Windows world where it appeared a while ago.

It’s like the online except on steroids. As I move my pointer over my neighborhood, I get the elevation of the terrain and my ‘eye altitude,’ how high up I’m floating.

Zooming down results in a blurry image. There must be a way to find the optimum viewing altitude for a particular area. Well, it looks like certain areas have closer views available than others.

Clicking or searching for new locations results in a scan from where you are to where you want to go. There is a physical sensation of traveling which is nicely done.

Whoa. Clicking on the Google Earth Community layer over Richfield, MN resulted in a wifi placemark for Dunn Brothers appearing.

Thanks, Google.

Check The Savvy Technologist for some links to a podcast and some cool views of the Earth. tags:


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