Jim White at the Turf Club

Jim White will be at the Turf Club in St. Paul (MN) on Feb 9. I found him in David Byrne’s playlist at David Byrne Radio (yes, that David Byrne) where he puts together a monthly playlist. White records for Byrne’s Luaka Bop label.

The first song I heard by Jim White was “If Jesus Drove a Motor Home.”

If Jesus drove a motor home, and he come to your town, would you try to talk to him? Would you follow him around? Honking horns at the drive thru. Double-parking at the mall. Midnight at the Waffle House — Jesus eating eggs with ya’ll.

From the album “Drill a hole in the substrate and tell me what you see.” And look over here for a video and the song.

More White songs at the High Road Touring site: Static on the Radio, Bluebird, Combing My Hair. All three, in both music and lyrics, are just like awesome for lack of some better word.

Mr. White will open for the Handsome Family, husband and wife duo that tell stories in the Country Music genre. Check here and here for more on the Handsomes including some streaming music.

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