Is President Bush Going to Far with Wiretaps?

I caught portions of the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on the NSA wiretapping on Monday when Attorney General Alberto Gonzales was questioned. The senators do not seem happy with the President and question the legality of what he has authorized. Both the Democrat and Republican senators were critical.

There are big questions about limiting surveillance to foreign calls only. They are harvesting the entire feed supposedly, but ignoring any calls that stay within the US. We are supposed to trust them on this.

VP Cheney meanwhile, warns us that this investigation stuff could alert Al Qaeda to some of our spy methods thus endangering us all. Yes, we should trust them.

We live in troubled times. How much privacy and how many freedoms are we willing to give up to keep terrorists away?

In terms of trust, the Executive Branch (not just this administration but any administration) is the least trustworthy because it is a group of like-minded people with a similar agenda. And reports indicate that President Bush’s administration is more like-minded than most.

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