New iPod and Case Problem

I got a video ipod for Christmas. I love it. It’s my first portable music player. Mostly I listen to podcasts and watch TV. (I’m downloading Law and Order’s first season from iTunes.)

Also purchased a Marware Sportsuit Convertible case system which I really like. Provides an armband and a belt clip and there are other accessories you can purchase. The basic case is neoprene. But it’s gunking up my iPod! Here’s the email I sent to Marware support.

I purchased a Sportsuit Convertible for the video iPod on Jan. 16.
The case is leaving a strip of sticky residue on the left side and top
of the iPod. seems to be a flaw at the point where the plastic
screen meets the neoprene. I can feel a stickiness when I press my
finger in that spot.

I sent that out on Jan. 31 and so far, no response. I’d like them to send me a new case as this basically looks like a flaw since the gunk is in one area.

If anyone else has had this problem, please let me know. tags:


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