Wireless Philadelphia in Holding Pattern Until Council Reads Contracts

Although Mayor John F. Street’s administration would have liked to see a committee vote yesterday on Philadelphia’s wireless Internet initiative, legislators said they needed more time.

from the Philadelphia Inquirer:
The administration had hoped Council members would approve the effort in a committee vote yesterday, which would have cleared the way for a final vote as early as March 23. But the meeting adjourned without a vote after legislators said they needed more time to read the convoluted series of agreements involving the city, the quasi-independent Philadelphia Authority for Industrial Development, the city-created nonprofit known as Wireless Philadelphia, and the Atlanta-based Internet firm EarthLink, which is to build and operate the network.

Next hearing is March 30. The earliest final vote would then be April 13. Earthlink or Wireless Philadelphia can walk away from the deal if the Council does not approve before summer recess.

pfhyper says: Reading contracts is a good thing.


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