St. Cloud, Florida Wi-Fi Report

Excellent report over at MuniWireless on citywide Wi-Fi (free!) in St. Cloud, Florida. They call it ‘Cyber Spot.’ Link here.

“Overall, the deployment has been an amazing success.”

New users currently total about 1,763 with 95 new registrations per day. There is free 24/7 tech support with an average time-on-phone of 11 minutes. (Not bad!)

Many of the calls are related to connectivity which can be affected by a number of issues. Of interest is a problem of good reception but poor broadcast meaning the client computer can’t push out a strong enough signal but can connect with no problem. The City sells a device called PepLink which boosts both the incoming and the outgoing signal. Prices at the PePLink site start at $169 for a 200mW version.

If the problem is system related, access points might be relocated or new ones added for better coverage.

A final quote:

When we study the numbers and see over 1,700 users with over 11,000
sessions representing close to 23,000 hours of use and only 390 help
center calls we are gratified that the system is performing well.


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