The Local Loop Podcast: applying technology for community benefit

Via MuniWireless, Greg Richardson of Civitium and Jim Baller of Baller Herbst Group are podcasting bi-weekly a show called The Local Loop. Subscription info here or just scroll to the bottom of that page for a link to the audio file. (Baller Herbst has an office in the Minneapolis Grain Exchange building.)

The first show is an interview with Esme Vos, the founder of the MuniWireless blog. In the spirit of true podcasting, the hosts fumble around at the beginning, telling us that the rehearsals aren’t going well and they are just going to do the broadcast.

Esme is hopeful about the state of muni wireless in the world and even the US although she gives the US a pretty poor grade so far especially when compared to Europe and Asia. (The US is something like fifteenth in the world in broadband coverage and coverage in much of Europe and Asia is cheaper and faster.) She looks into her crystal ball and discusses the future shape of wireless in the US. She considers symetrical broadband (fast uploads and downloads) will encourage entrepreneurial activity.

Esme: “I think Wireless Philadelphia is a great idea and a great initiative.” Given that we (Minneapolis) are copying Philadelphia’s initiative, I’ll consider that an endorsement for what we’re doing too.

It’s a good earful.

Local Loop’s second podcast, the week of March 20, will feature Diana Neff, CIO of Philadelphia and Don Berryman, President of Municipal Broadband for Earthlink.


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