new blood at minvolved

I’m afraid I only just discovered recently and now the old ‘administration’ is retiring but has found some new voices (five new voices to be exact) to keep the blog going. The new political guy, Jeff Fecke, posts today and I will stay tuned, at least for the short term.

The reason Mr. Sponge, the previous author, is retiring is because of hate email and specifically a threat to his wife. But this post explains that they’re not intimidated. Quoting:

…we didn’t quit writing because we were intimidated by anyone. We quit because this was supposed to be a hobby and thanks to an email or two, it was a hobby that quickly became no fun at all. If we did this for a living…well, that’s what we get paid for and we’d write a column challenging these sick sons of bitches to meet Wifeypoo and Mr. Sponge on the radio or some nonsense like that.

Good luck to all the new voices.


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