A Deeper Understanding of Net Neutrality

Sascha Meinrath at Muni-wireless has an overview of a paper he and Victor Pickard are preparing that “will synthesize existing commons-based models to create a more expansive standard of net neutrality that is conducive to Internet openness.” Besides open access, they will consider “the broader contours of Internet architecture, including software, hardware, wireless infrastructure, economics, and open protocols and standards.”

I take this to mean incorporating Free and Open Source Software (FOSS: Linux, Apache, MySQL, Perl and PHP) into the formula. It makes sense because this sort of Net infrastructure will encourage an open philosophy. The FOSS community is about sharing and collaboration and access at the source level.

From the overview:

Frequently referred to as a commons-based approach to the management of communications systems, this model emphasizes cooperation and innovation as opposed to privatization and enclosure.

I hope this comes out soon as Minneapolis could use some guidance as we approach a major muni wireless system.



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