Blog Hacks

Steve Rubel’s ‘Ten Blogging Hacks‘. Some interesting ideas here including getting bookmarks over to your blog automatically. That would give you a new blog post each day, whether you have time to write or not. You would have to have time to bookmark to, of course.

The best hack (INHO, InMyHumbleOpinion), is an email subscribe option for your blog via Feedblitz. This is something I’ve really wanted to implement as many (like most) of my friends (and my wife, for God’s sake) don’t regularly read my blog posts. But if I subscribe them to my email posting…. (I know. This could be construed as spam. But can you spam friends? Well, yes, if you send them those cheery ‘pass this along to 200 people’ notes with animated gifs of angels, yes that’s definitely spamming your friends but subscribing your friends and wife to your blog, IMHO, is in a different philosophical realm altogether.)

Kimbro Staken at Labnotes (where I found the link to Rubel’s hacks) has two more hacks. Google Analytics is definitely worth. There is a waiting list but it only took a couple of weeks before I was in.

And all the above got started via Tim Bray’s Ongoing. tags:


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