Minneapolis Mayor Podcasts with St. Paul Mayor

They call it Chris and R. T. – The Mayor’s Show. Chris Coleman is the mayor of St. Paul, Minnesota and R. T. Rybak is the mayor of Minneapolis, Minnesota. These are the Twin Cities, right across the river from each other. These guys want to collaborate more on various projects like light rail through the central corridor and linking the two downtowns.

First show was July 14. It’s every other week.

They banter back and forth well. Chris seems a bit funnier than R. T. but R. T. does a good straight man. They are broadcasting from Keys Restaurant, a breakfast institution located in St. Paul but almost on the line dividing the cities. They are talking about the amendment (for the ballot this fall) to use vehicle taxes for transportation.

The podcast is 12 minutes long. The show is an hour. It’s billed as call-in but we’re missing the call-in part. Hello… that’s the interesting part, guys. That’s like the meat, ya know.

Feed for the show is here.

WCCO podcast page is here. The mayors are relegated to Specialty Programming (scroll down, look right) under some home improvement shows.


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