Citizens League on the Future of the Web

On August 22, the Citizen’s League Summer Policy series will host a panel discussion entitled The Future of the Web and Civic Engagement: What Happens When MySpace Meets Our Space?. You can register here. Here’s the blurb:

Technology is rapidly moving civic engagement from place-based to every place as users develop virtual communities on issues around the world. What is the connection between the new online social interaction applications and the broader civic space they will inhabit? Are we creating virtual communities to impact global issues at the expense of our local communities? How will these technologies transform civic engagement as we know it – and new generations of civic leaders? How should they transform the Citizens League!?

Here’s the panel: Tom Swain and Jean LeVander King (long-standing civic leaders), Jen Alstad (president, b-swing), Steve Borsch (CEO, Marketing Directions, Inc.), and Garrick Van Burren (president, Working Pathways, Inc.).

Garrick blogs some thoughts for the panel here. It’s good stuff and should seed some good discussion. I hope they ‘unconference’ this thing and get the audience involved.

Jen Alstad owns B-Swing and I know her from way back when we took an entrepreneur class together at St. Thomas. This was before the dotcom bubble burst that her company subsequently survived while continuuing to prosper. Jen, why aren’t you blogging? I know you have good things to say.

The whole thing takes place at MPR’s building in St. Paul under the heading UBS Forum. It’s not clear from the site whether they broadcast it or make a podcast. tags:


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