Almanac Covers Blogging

Whoa. This is hot off the presses! Chuck Olsen (Minnesota Stories) and Michael Brodkorb (Minnesota Democrats Exposed) appear on TPT’s Almanac for July 28 and discuss political blogging. It is a friendly gathering where all the typical blog questions are asked. (“How are you different from a reporter?” “Where are the checks and balances and filters?) The blog stories starts around the 12:20 mark. (via MNspeak)

This must be Minnesota blog week. Wednesday, the Star Tribune ran this story which began thusly:

Steve Eck bought a TV on his lunch hour. Allison Tripp-Russo is going to a karaoke bar. And Andrew Mogendorff’s son found a booger.

We know this because all three felt compelled to describe the events in their blogs. We gave these Minnesotans the Internet — the most powerful communication tool in the history of civilization — and this is what they’re using it for?

It’s entitled “Minnesota’s Blogosphere is Intensely Personal.” I’m really glad they did this as none of the Minnesota blogs that I read are intensely personal. Go figure. They didn’t mention either of the bloggers on Almanac.

And Strib, could you at least provide links to the blogs that you are discussing? tags:


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