Minneapolis Wireless: Qwest not happy, Council rushes to approve

Minneapolis Star Tribune stirs up some controversy between Qwest and City here. This resulted in this post at MuniWireless. Make sure to read Becca Vargo Daggett’s comment which clarifies the situation and mentions the the rush job that is pushing this contract through without adequate details. Here’s a quote:

One councilor, Sandy Colvin Roy, expressed concerns that council is being asked to sign off on a terms sheet that was released just hours before the meeting, and that doesn’t include some very important provisions, such as ownership of the fiber backbone, contract enforcement, and remedies for failures to comply with the SLAs. A second councilor shared these concerns, and both thought the council should get specifics for these things before approving the terms. But the majority chose speed over sensibility.

It sounds like Minnapolis Council Members should be practicing a bit more due diligence before jumping into a 10-year contract or they should come forth and explain why there is such a rush to approve this without enough information or they should tell residents if they have more information than they are revealing.


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