I went to MinneDemo (Tuesday, Sep. 5). It’s an extension of the May Minnebar event — a geek fest. Held at Chiang Mai Thai in Calhoun Square. This was a free event that included free appetizers (at least I didn’t pay for them). Four people demo’d their “product’s”.

I took pictures.

I think I was the only camera so I christened myself official photographer. I made sure to at least get a photo of all the presenters. (Just in case there was another photographer lurking out there, check the minnedemo tag at Flickr.)


  • flyspy, “a consumer-centric airfare search engine.”
  • JRuby, “a 100% pure-Java implementation of the Ruby programming language, truly exciting for the Java/Ruby folks, and there were a lot of oohs and ahs on this one. I don’t do either and I was impressed.
  • SaySwap, a video game trading site, nicely conceived and something I’d definitely try if I played video games.
  • Bookmark It!, “a site that allows people to do social bookmarking and folksonomy with greater ease,” basically manages your social bookmarking life.
  • Feedseeder, a browser-based feed (RSS) reader ala Bloglines.
  • MindTouch, a business wiki service, a document and information organizer and, interestingly enough, requires you to buy a server even though the underlying software is open source.

Thanks to Dan Grigsby and Luke Francl for organizing this and to Ben Edwards for creating a logo and to Chiang Mai Thai for hosting and to all the attendants. This was an impressive event and really showcased some of the excellent work we are producing in this area.


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