Hand off the Internet to AT&T?

My Mumbo Jumbo post hooked a comment by HandsOff234 who works for Hands Off the Internet. You can read my response here.

Hands Off is no stranger to ‘mumbo jumbo’ dissemination (with a dash of Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt). It published a cartoon that tells us that net neutrality really means government control of the Internet and with that control, you and I are going to pay more to use the Internet so that Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft can make billions. Hands Off is brought to you by AT&T. The last time I looked, AT&T was worth $117 BILLION.

There’s a good article by Michael Grebb (here) at Wired that looks at both sides of the issue. Here’s a quote:

The debate appears to have polarized into extreme positions. But a hard look at the current situation seems to show that both sides have a point, and the best long-range solution may well be a compromise. Giving the cable firms and telephone companies free rein to do exactly as they wish is almost certainly a mistake. But micromanaging their businesses by forcing them to treat everybody exactly the same would also be a blunder.

Yes. I agree. Thank you. Can we now gather everyone involved to the table and figure out the compromise we need to implement instead of calling each other names.

Read more about the Hands Off over here at Sourcewatch. And TechDirt has a post about Mike McCurry, a co-chair at Hands Off.

Bonus Link

If you’re not a pfhyper regular, check back here for my network neutrality screed along with some reference links.


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