MuniWireless Minneapolis06 Conference

Fast approaching is the MuniWireless Conference, the first (I think) in Minneapolis. Esme Vos (MuniWireless Blog) produces this (along with Gary Bolles and Microcast Communications). It will be held at the downtown Marriott.

The conference begins Sunday, Oct. 22 with Digital Inclusion Day which will cover “new ways to serve the underserved using public broadband networks.” Monday, thru 4 p.m. is Workshop Day, then at 4 is the keynote by Esme Vos. Tuesday is the main conference and includes a panel with three local mayors participating: R.T. Rybak, City of Minneapolis; Chris Coleman, City of St. Paul; Jeff Jacobs, City of St. Louis Park, MN.

I may live blog this although there’s no mention as to whether the Marriott has wireless. Kind of ironic if it doesn’t.


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